Movember 2023

Self Portrait of Author’s Moustache, with Author’s Face in Background.

Friends, as you know, men’s health is something that is very important to me. For this reason, I am fundraising again this year for the Movember Foundation. I took a break last year for two reasons- trying not to exhaust the goodwill of those who faithfully contribute, and because Britt is not a fan of the horseshoe ‘stache, so I gave her a break from it last year. After the 2022 hiatus, the handlebars are back and stronger than ever.

In addition to the custom facial hair (and as a result not getting any action for a month), I will  be running 60 miles during the month of November. “Why 60 Miles?” you may ask. I will run one mile for each of the 60 men who prematurely die every hour. Please consider joining me in supporting men’s health by making a contribution here.

I will be updating Jake.News throughout the month of November to provide fundraising progress reports and to drop some other moustache related content. Cheers, and thanks for your support!