Garmin 645 Music

I have had a few different GPS running watches. One was powered by Tomtom. The rest were all Garmin. This is my favorite, to date. I picked it up last year on Prime day when Amazon had it for like 50% off. The beauty of the Garmin 645 Music, is that it pairs with bluetooth headphones and I can listen to my Spotify playlists without having to bring a phone with me. This is also the first Garmin that I have owned with a built in heart monitor. Heart rate has been a fun new metric to track. The watch has all of the regular smart watch functions as well for those who want to get alerts on their watch, count steps, etc..

As far as the GPS system is concerned, it works the best of any that I’ve owned. When I have GLONASS enabled (this allows it to talk to the Russian satellites as well the GPS satellites), I rarely have to wait more than a couple of seconds for the GPS to link up when I start an activity. I use it predominantly for running. But when I was recovering from surgery I used it on the bike quite a bit. It has also been fun to wear on some hikes that we have done here in the Catskills. The only drawback is that the battery life is not great compared to other models I’ve used. But I don’t mind charging every couple of days, so whatev. It is an awesome device that I have really enjoyed using.

BR Chinos

The Author in One of His Daddest Getups | Photo: Britt

Business casual gets a bad rap for being boring, and rightly so. Boring or not, I find nicely fitting khakis to be much more comfortable than jeans. This was part of the reason that I brought these along with me. I would get sick of wearing jeans every day, and unfortunately it has not warmed up enough yet to wear shorts (other than when running). At this juncture I still have too much self respect to wear sweat pants all day (except for those days when I have been sick). Not ruling out the possibility that could change in the near future if current status quo persists.

They are super boring pants, for sure, especially when paired with dad shoes like in the photo above. They do look pretty decent with boots though. I don’t have any special affinity for Banana Republic, but they do seem to be what I usually buy. It is mostly because I know exactly how their various cuts fit me without having to try them on. Also, the perpetual 40% “discount” makes them the right price for a person who goes through as many pairs of chinos as I do.


Isolationist Vibes (Cont’d)

Taking a small break from my April series of “stuff I brought into isolation with me“, and getting back to the vibe generally: Here are some owl photos. I started seeing this guy (these guys/girls?) our first week at the cabin, but have only been quick enough to grab the camera twice, so far. The most recent of such instances, it also happened to be snowing, which made for some pretty dramatic images when the owl flew from one perch to another. After sharing a couple of these with a friend, he told me that it is good luck to see an owl. I had never heard this before. But I’m hoping that he is right and that good luck is on the horizon.



Canon 5D x 50mm f/1.2

My most used rig.

I love this camera and lens combo. I have been a Canon guy since before the digital era, and this 5D is my favorite camera I have ever owned. My 50mm f/1.2 is essentially glued to this body. It is not the most versatile lens, but in my opinion the quality of images that it produces makes up for the extra work required to get the shot. I did a cheesy unboxing video over here, the day that this body arrived. I was super stoked that day, and have subsequently been stoked every time I feel the shutter click. In case it is not already clear, I heavily endorse this setup.

Laser Range Finder

If you have ever made a floor plan with a regular tape measure, you will see the value in this thing. I picked it up on Amazon for under $20. It has been a game changer, especially when measuring larger spaces and ceiling heights. Also: lasers…

Rag & Bone Jeans

I was going to style up a little shoot for my jeans, but after seeing these action shots Britt snapped the other day, I thought that they would work just as well. Rag & Bone has been my go-to for jeans since the first pair I bought over 10 years ago. I love the way that they fit, and they have just enough stretch. I have worn out 3 pairs, and plan to continue replacing them with the same thing when I wear these ones out.

Even though it is tempting to just wear sweat pants all day every day in the current times, I feel like it has done me some good to get up, shower and put on normal clothes every day. These jeans have served me well while we have been camped out in this place. They have also picked up some custom paint details along the way.

[Photo: Britt]

Canon AE-1

Canon AE-1 (with 50mm f/1.4): This kit is very similar to the one that I used in Jr. high when I was learning how to use an SLR. I picked it up a few years ago, with this project in mind. Since then, I have collected a few additional lenses (thanks Mike), and amassed a stack of exposed yet undeveloped film at home. The great thing about shooting film is that it causes me to be much more selective about what I actually snap. I have been observing my new surroundings for the past month, and finally broke out the 35mm this week to start documenting some of my favorite aspects with film as well. Here are a couple of more from a bygone era of normalcy.

Mountain Hardware Quilted Down Jacket

Pensive Outerwear Model: Jacob Breinholt | Photographer: Britt

The quilted down jacket has been a staple winter item for many a year. Only in the past few years have I delved into the offerings of Mountain Hardware. Performance-wise, in my personal experience I’d say it is on par with Patagonia and Cold Smoke. I like the stylistic take of Mountain Hardware’s quilting. They do make models with the regular old Michelin Man horizontal stitching. But the ones I like have staggered blocking iteration. Not sure if this makes any difference in performance (probably not). But I like the way it looks. I brought the one shown here with me to the Catskills. But I also own an electric blue hooded version. I love them both quite a bit.

Outerwear Model Pretends to Shovel Snow | Photographer: Britt

Leather Gloves

These did not come with me from Brooklyn. I actually picked them up our second day in the Catskills at the local hardware store while I was purchasing other supplies to start our renovation project. This particular pair is made by Milwaukee tools. I have no allegiance to the brand, but I will say that these gloves have been excellent. I use them multiple times per day. The first weekend with them, the leather dye turned my hands orange for a minute. But other than that I have no complaints. Over the past month and change, they have kept my hands from getting torn to shreds while doing everything from stacking firewood, to shoveling snow. I plan to buy a second pair when these wear out.

WeSC Skully

The Author, Channeling His best James Harden Beard Impersonation. [Photo Cred: Britt]

We are the Superlative Conspiracy makes some pretty swanky garb. In a former life, I would cross paths with its operatives on a fairly regular basis. I also did some work with them from time to time. The good people at WeSC flowed me some decent gear back then. This skully is probably my favorite (and most likely the only WeSC piece I still have from those days). It is a shade of reddish brown that goes with pretty much everything, and is super comfy. Hoping this thing lasts as long as I do.