The above photo is one of the first snaps that I took with my new cam. The reason for the poor contrast and flat color range is because I was unable to really edit the photo. While the camera is awesome, Adobe has yet to release an update that supports the 5D RAW format in Lightroom. So I can either shoot JPG (no thanks), use the super clunky Canon software to convert the files (which is what I ended up doing on the snap above [again, no thanks]). Or…. I can wait for Adobe to update their software. How long until the update will be released? Unclear. In Adobe’s support forum last month, moderators were indicating that an update for standalone Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC would be released contiguously with the camera. That obviously did not happen. Last night I had a quick IM chat with a support rep to see if I could get any more specific information:


So, I guess I’ll stop whining now and just continue to wait.