Mountain Hardware Quilted Down Jacket

Pensive Outerwear Model: Jacob Breinholt | Photographer: Britt

The quilted down jacket has been a staple winter item for many a year. Only in the past few years have I delved into the offerings of Mountain Hardware. Performance-wise, in my personal experience I’d say it is on par with Patagonia and Cold Smoke. I like the stylistic take of Mountain Hardware’s quilting. They do make models with the regular old Michelin Man horizontal stitching. But the ones I like have staggered blocking iteration. Not sure if this makes any difference in performance (probably not). But I like the way it looks. I brought the one shown here with me to the Catskills. But I also own an electric blue hooded version. I love them both quite a bit.

Outerwear Model Pretends to Shovel Snow | Photographer: Britt