“Maker” Videos


I had a good laugh about this one. Core77, rounded up some of the latest vintage of parody “Maker” videos. They summed up things when they contrasted the helpful and informative variety of instructional videos against a possibly more pretentious less helpful type of the genre, saying:

But there’s another breed of maker videos, often on Vimeo, that we think of as “I’m a Maker, and Here’s My Story” spots. You know the type: They start with piano chords, dolly shots of dusty workbenches, a voiceover. These videos can excel when they reveal an uncommon craft like Ben Harris’ traditional boat building, or they strike a chord with Core77 readers for featuring an industrial designer who quit the profession in order to build things, like Ben Cramp. But other times they can devolve into overly-romanticized studies in well-worn tropes.

The flannel on flannel and father who leaves to join the pro bowling tour really struck a chord with me. Watch below: