same but different

A Dude fishing in the Hudson River at sunset near a badass looking boat.

For the past few months I have been insanely busy. “Being busy” is one of the lamest excuses ever. Because dude, this is NYC and everyone is busy. People make time for things that are important to them. I have made a concerted effort to be a bit more private than I was in my former life. For the most part, the new directions I have taken have had very rewarding results. But there have been a few unwanted byproducts. These less than optimal results have been brought to my attention, in part, by those close to me. One such item is that I have spent less time and energy “being creative.” It was even easier to let that aspect of my life become stale after I shut down Jake’s Mag. Maybe I’ll elaborate on the reasoning for that later (but probably not). For now, I’ll just say that I mothballed it partially because it represented a phase in my life that is no longer relevant.

Another sunset photo near the George Washington Bridge.

The photos in this post have nothing at all to do with the copy, figuratively or literally. They are just some images that I have snapped recently (when I was on a bike ride last Sunday). I wasn’t able to develop them until just now because I recently updated my OS to Windows 10, which is apparently big brother’s dream. In addition to the spyware, Windows 10 doesn’t see the raw files in my Fujifilm x100s when it is tethered via UBS cable. I had to use a card reader to retrieve these images.

I’m not really sure how active I will be on Jake.News. But I think that it will be nice to have the option to post things on here, without it being muddled by former chapters of my life. I guess that is pretty much it.