Jamie XX ‘Gosh’ Visual and July Playlist

Jamie XX, Gosh from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

It is July 1 and since I have a bit of time on my hands, here is a music post. One of my modern faves, Jamie XX, released a video this week to accompany some of the audio from his track ‘Gosh’ that came out ahead of last year’s In Colour album. While the video does have some striking visuals, I would have much preferred that he just give us some new music. I had a couple of WTF moments while watching the vid. The first was the choice to use a Subaru in the vid. I guess when you come from the country that gave us Aston Martin, Subaru is exotic? Next, I was wondering if that Eiffel Tower was CGI (esp during the shot that pans out at the end). I did some quick innanetz research (Googled ‘eiffel tower replica china’), and it turns out it is just a replica built in the city of Hangzhou China (where the entire video appears to have been shot).

Part two of music post:

I love Spotify. I was one of the early US subscribers when you still had to be invited to be a guinea pig on the domestic Beta iteration. Like half of the rest of the country, I was invited to join by the mysterious “Mrs. Kutcher,” Hahaha. Anyway, I build a monthly Spotify playlist of stuff I’m digging at the moment. For example, today I published my “July 2016” list, and started building the playlist for Aug. Anyway, I decided to share the July playlist below. Maybe I’ll start publishing my lists every month, like the ISO50 guys used to do (which I loved, btw). Anyway… here:

Happy and safe 4th of July!