Belgium’s ‘The Crystal Ship’ 2016


Roa Detail

The city of Ostend, Belgium hosts the (mostly) large scale art festival called The Crystal Ship. Among the participating artists are a couple of my favorites. The Belgian native Roa contributed to the collection (image directly above and below). I love his stuff, and actually met him a while back.

Faith47 was also a contributor to The Crystal Ship (second to bottom). She has a huge piece that I love in DUMBO painted in an underpass. She also has a really cool piece at Wynwood. But I’m seriously digging this piece.

Finally, I seriously love perspective pieces. There are a few pretty cool ones painted for the festival. But my favorite is the one by 1010 (bottom image). Hoping to be able to check these all out in person, at some point. Check the full recap on Juxtapoz.







All Images Via Juxtapoz

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