Master & Dynamic Earbuds

The fact that I now share a patio table with my wife as our “desk” (I knew one day I would get that partner desk, hehe), and being that she has a very strong phone voice, these earbuds from Master and Dynamic have proved invaluable over the past few weeks.

I’m one of those people who cannot wear Apple earbuds. My ear canal is too big, or the wrong shape (or something). The right ear always falls out. I hear good things about the airpod pros, with the silicone buds. But I’m not sure how soon I’ll be switching over to those, because I am very happy with these M&Ds. They sounds great and are also great looking, in my opinion. Also, everyone has airpods. I like to consider these the anti-airpods. Without going into a rant about why I’m generally anti-Apple/Mac, let’s just say that stylistically, I’ll take tortoise shell over most of the alternatives.


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