Fall Camp-Hike-Fish Photo Dump

Britt Enjoying Some Autumnal Blue Hour Views at Little Pond

A couple of years back, we scored some very decent camping gear through a Burton promo. Britt decided that it was time to finally actually put it to use. She booked a campsite a the Little Pond Campground, a short drive from our house in the Catskills. We opted for one of the “primitive” sites (means that you can’t just pull up and camp next to the car) mainly because it was the only option available on the last weekend of its operating season. The campground was a good way to ease back into “real” camping. It was only a half-mile walk to the camp site from the parking lot. So it was very easy to bring a wheeled cooler, bundle of fire wood, etc.. The campground also had hot showers and flushing toilets. We didn’t take advantage of the showers, since we only stayed one night. But the plumbed bathrooms were a nice amenity.

In the morning, we broke camp, sat in the truck for 30 minutes to let a rain squall blow through, then hiked the Little Pond trail with Lola. The leaves were intense. The rest of this post is a mix of photos from camping, hiking and fishing over the course of that weekend. The handheld shots were this (for camping) or this (for fishing). The aerial shots were with a DJI Mini drone. Enjoy!

Pepacton Reservoir, South Shore Toward the East End.

Each of the Campsites Were Equipped with a Concrete Fire Pit and Retractable Grill

Little Pond, From Our Campsite

Little Pond, From Our Campsite (one of the few times the sun peeked out, that weekend)

The Author, Brewing Up Some Espresso in the AM (each campsite came equipped with a bear proof food locker like the one in the background). Photo: B. Maschal Private Collection

We Could Not Find Butane For the Camp Stove In Time For Our Trip. Instead, I Brought Along This Plumbing Torch, Which Did the Trick For the Espresso Percolator.

Evening View of Little Pond, From Our Campsite

Drone Shot From the Little Pond Trail, Looking Straight Down at (us on) the Trail Passing Through a Rare Clearing.

Drone Shot of Little Pond From the Little Pond Trail.

Drone shot of Pepacton Reservoir, Facing East.

Exposed New York Blue Stone, on the Receded Shore of Pepacton Reservoir.

Pepacton Reservoir, Near the Former Site of Arena.

AM Shot of Pepacton From the North Shore, Near the Rt. 30 Bridge.

AM Shot of Pepacton From the North Shore, Near the Rt. 30 Bridge.

Anglers Rowing Against the Wind at Pepacton Reservoir.

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