Porto, Autumn 2022

Facing South on the Luis I Bridge

To celebrate our birthdays this year, Britt and I decided to take a quick trip to Portugal. Neither of us had been prior. It rained most of the time, but we still had a blast. Read on for some spots I would recommend, as well as a lengthy photo dump.

We had an overnight flight that landed early afternoon, local time. After a cat nap, we wandered into this hole in the wall (crappy iphone pic), and didn’t regret it: Gazela — they are known for a small pressed sandwich called a “cachorrinho” (meaning small dog), made with sausage, cheese and hot sauce. It hit the spot.

Letraria for some local craft beer. Can’t recommend the food, though.

Remaining captions are all by Britt-

A Cave do Bon Vivant “for natural wine and delicious food very, very fun and run by some cool Frenchies. We loved it” (crappy cell phone pic).

Fabrica Coffee Roasters— “Great coffee, great space in the neighborhood we really liked, but that is all.”

Aduela — “GREAT music. It calls itself a dive bar on Instagram, so makes sense we liked.” Crappy cellphone pic.

The Wine Box and Mundo – “SKIP” –Britt

Candelabro — “for coffee and beers best vibe (crappy cell phone pic) and we also went here twice! Great little corner in the neighborhood we liked that has no name b/c no one names neighborhoods here.”

Mito “Hands down best dinner and food we had in Porto. 70€  for dinner with a bottle of wine, great service, lively small spot in the neighborhood we liked.”

Morrina northern Portuguese “best tortinha in Porto–thought it was a slice of apple pie and I am so glad it was not.” (crappy cell phone pic)

Portus Wines “for all your wine and port needs.”

“In Foz do Douro down by the water/ocean…. Habitat wine bar – had we had time to eat we would have gone here and looks amazing — must try when we go back.”

“Douro Chique is where we ended up and naturally, no IG or website bc it was a hole in the wall and only has plastic yard chair but perfect.”

“Down the street on the water was Barraca de Ouro which is very much less hole in the wally if that suits you.”

Photo: B. Maschal Private Collection

Photo: B. Maschal Private Collection

Photo: B. Maschal Private Collection

Photo: B. Maschal Private Collection

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