Windham High Peak Winter Hike

Left: B Taking a Quick Break to Apply Crampons | Right: Babe in the Woods

As this unseasonably warm winter weather continues, so does the hiking content on Jake.News, haha. Superbowl Sunday, we decided to do a quick and easy hike. The weather was couched as “cloudy” by the iPhone app. In reality, there were some high wispy clouds diffusing a very strong sun (A/K/A pretty sunny). The temp was reminiscent of late April.

There was a lot of nostalgia for me driving to this trailhead. The last time I was up in the Windham area, I was behind the wheel of our awesome old ’94 F150 Greedo, who we sadly parted ways with about a year ago. Back to the point, the Windham High Peak was another one of the summits on B’s 3500 list. It was slightly over 6 miles round trip. This hike was also relatively easy compared to most of the other 3500 clubbers on which I have had the pleasure of accompany B, to date. We only climbed a total of about 1600′ of elevation from this particular trailhead. We were also able to make it most of the way up without putting on spikes. There were surprisingly few other hikers on the trail given the weather, and the views at the top were nice! Some snaps-

A couple of hipsters doing a boot selfie

Timer Shot With the knock-around rig From the Backpack Tripod.

B, Texing Some Clients, Since We Had Service Again at the Summit

B, the Forest Steward Documenting a Rare Species of Lichen

Old Skool Metal Trail Marker

Keep Up If You Can!

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