3500’s Done and Dusted (for B)

I hope that people have been managing okay the past couple of weeks without any new hiking content on here. Sorry to those who have been going through withdrawals. I’m here with this post to satisfy all of your hiking content cravings.

A few weeks ago, Britt knocked out her final few 3500 Club peaks and became an official club member. Although this is her news, not mine, I’m going to go ahead and write about it anyway, since I was along for the ride and documented most of it! Cast your minds back to mid-April when we unsuccessfully attempted what would have been her third to last hike on Sugarloaf. The ice was crazy and we had to turn around. We tackled it again a few weeks ago with a bit more success.

Britt on the Ascent to Sugarloaf, April [left] vs. May [right]

We ended up finishing her last three hikes spread over two weekends. We teamed up with one of the 3500 Club’s hike leaders for one of the longer ones that included a bushwhack between two peaks. Here is a photo dump from Britt’s final three hikes. I’m super proud of her for this accomplishment. For the fiends who crave hiking content: don’t worry, there will be more. For now, enjoy these snaps–>

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