June Photo Recap

Here we have a set of random photos from June, each of which does not particularly merit their own post. In the top photo is Gisele parked along a seasonal unpaved road in Denver, NY. Seems to be a ton of tree clearing and development going on over there at the moment.

Above: Bumble bee on Rhododendron in our Catskills yard. June is the month that the Rhododendrons bloom up here. It carries the blossoms for a couple of weeks and attracts all of the local pollinators in the process. It is beautiful while it is blooming, and an absolute mess when the flowers fall off.

Below: Britt stationed at the Woodland Valley trailhead, outside of Phoenicia. She volunteers as a trail head steward as a part of her 3500 Club stuffs.

Above: An Eastern Red Spotted Newt, who ventured out to eat some bugs for breakfast on the little stone walkway that leads up to our back deck.

Below: A Father’s day hike to Giant Ledge, during which we continued on to Panther Mountain and back.

Above: Another lookout area along the Giant Ledge trail.

Below: Some ferns from the giant patch of them in our backyard.

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