2023 NYC Marathon

Marathon Sunday is probably my favorite day in NYC. I have written about this plenty of times before, but I’ll say it again; The way that the city comes together on Marathon Sunday to support all of the runners, is like nothing else I have ever experienced. I was originally slated to run again this year, but ultimately withdrew when I suffered an injury to my soft tissue about six weeks into training (with six weeks remaining). It was a tough decision, but I believe it was the correct one. I started logging some miles again early last week and– so far, so good.

As it so happens, my sister ran this year. It was her first marathon and I was really stoked for her. My brother-in-law and niece also came along for the trip to cheer her on. We spent the entire day on the course and saw my sister twice, once in our neighborhood in Brooklyn, then again on 59th street right before the finish. She had a great race, and looked happy both times we saw her.

Even though I was not able to run, I had an amazing time cheering for all of the people who did. I brought a camera with a 70-200mm to get some snaps of my sister and other friends who were running. Here are some of the shots of the pros and a couple others that I snapped on the course from our perch in Greenpoint.

The Author Enjoying Some Marathon Spectating | Photo: Jessie McCarron Private Collection

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