First ‘Real’ Snow of the Season

Our neck of the Catskills is a bit like Narnia between Oct 1 and mid-May. I say this because it can (and will) snow almost every day, even if it is just a little flurry overnight. Notwithstanding the early dustings and flurries, the first ‘real snow’ of the season is always exciting for some reason. When I say ‘real snow’, I mean 4″+, i.e. deep enough that the plow has to come clean up. This year we got our first real snow overnight between Dec 10-11. Despite having rained heavily all day Sunday, we woke up on Monday to to 7-8″ of dry fluffy powder. I appreciated this for two reasons: (1) I was able to ease into shoveling the deck without breaking my back, like the heavy wet stuff will do, and (2) I was able to get in a couple of nice pow runs at Belleayre over lunch time. Scroll through for a couple of snowy snaps.

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