Furniture of Jory Brigham

Teak Bench by Jory Brigham | IMG

Okay, none of these photos are mine. For all intents and purposes, this is a re-post of some other stuff that I read on some design blogs, then borrowed from other websites. In this case, the design blog we are talking about is Core77. There was a piece this week that piqued my interest, as it was a story about a Danish furniture designer who was naturally left-handed, which was instrumental in cutting the joinery for a chair that he designed (right-handed people did not have the right combo of dexterity with their left hand to get the correct angles on the band saw). As a person with a strong Danish heritage, I love reading stories about Danish people who did cool stuff!

But this post is not about the Danish, guy, or the cool chair that he made. It is about a guy whose story was linked to from that piece, named Jory Brigham. The story is nine years old at this point, but the essence is still relevant. When that story was published, Brigham, the self-taught furniture designer/builder was still kind of figuring things out professionally. It was so cool to finish reading the story, then google the guy and see all of the amazingness that he is up to these days. Because I mean, his work is some of the coolest stuff I have seen in a long time, furniture-wise. If I had the budget for it, I’m pretty sure that my house would be decorated exclusively with his wares.

Keep scrolling for a few more of my favorites. All images were snagged from Brigham’s website. I literally wanted to post the entire thing here, because I kinda love it all–

This Jax table below is one of my favorites-

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