Movember 2023

Self Portrait of Author’s Moustache, with Author’s Face in Background.

Friends, as you know, men’s health is something that is very important to me. For this reason, I am fundraising again this year for the Movember Foundation. I took a break last year for two reasons- trying not to exhaust the goodwill of those who faithfully contribute, and because Britt is not a fan of the horseshoe ‘stache, so I gave her a break from it last year. After the 2022 hiatus, the handlebars are back and stronger than ever.

In addition to the custom facial hair (and as a result not getting any action for a month), I will  be running 60 miles during the month of November. “Why 60 Miles?” you may ask. I will run one mile for each of the 60 men who prematurely die every hour. Please consider joining me in supporting men’s health by making a contribution here.

I will be updating Jake.News throughout the month of November to provide fundraising progress reports and to drop some other moustache related content. Cheers, and thanks for your support!

Catskills Leaf Action

Sunrise on Beylleayre Mountain

By my estimation, we are still about a week away from peak leaf peeping action in our neck of the Catskills. But we had such a beautiful sunrise this morning that I had to dust off the drone and make a quick vid of the changing leaves.Continue reading

October 2023 Playlist

For the beginning of marathon season, I’m posting a running playlist that I have been working on all year. I was meant to run the NYC Marathon again this year. A few weeks ago, I began to have some soft tissue problems and have been sort of taking it easy since then, testing the waters with easier runs and several rest days in between each of them. Ultimately, since I’m trying to avoid a relapse of a serious injury (because surgery sucks), I’m bowing out of the marathon and taking a break from running  for a few weeks (perhaps months) in an attempt to heal up. I’ve logged a little over 600 miles this year soundtracked by this playlist. I hope that some other runners can enjoy it as much as I have.

August Photo Recap

Gisele on a Moody Whiteface Mountain

What seems like the rainiest summer I can remember, appears to be drawing to a close. Despite unexpectedly getting soaked to the bone on more than one occasion, I can’t be too angry because our Catskills lawn has never looked better! Continue reading