Columbus Ride

Three day weekends are golden. Unfortunately for those who were in the tri-state area over Columbus day weekend, the weather was all over the place. Saturday (the only day of the three that did not have rain), I got on the bike and headed out of the city while the sun was still rising. My friend and I rode up through Rockland County to Harriman State Park, where the leaves are kind of changing, but not really. I’m guessing because it still hasn’t really gotten cold. It felt more like August than October the entire weekend. Anyway, riding through the woods, it was all foggy and seemed kind of twilight zoney. We stopped on Seven Lakes Drive to take these snaps. The last one was a timer shot from the bushes across the road. The bushes framed it nicely, IMO.

October 2017 Playlist

IDK about you guys, but I really wasn’t impressed with a lot of the new music that was released over the last summer. There was some okay stuff. But for the most part, kinda blah. When good music did come out, it was a single, not a whole album of goodness. Getting to the point, I was relatively pleased with Odesza’s new album that dropped in recent weeks. Consistent with their signature sound, etc. I feel like it may bring chill wave back into the limelight a bit. What better time than fall? That question was, of course, rhetorical. Now we just need Washed Out to make some new material. Haha. Anyway, here is ze Oct playlist-

Happy Autumn + September Playlist


I know that autumn does not officially start until September 22. But this is Labor Day weekend, and mine actually starts today. As you can see by this crappy iPhone photo, the sun has already started to move south again. This means that kids are back in school, college FB is here again, and cooler temps are hopefully around the corner. I’ll have the pleasure of spending this holiday weekend in rural Maine (as opposed to urban Maine, hehe) for a wedding. Hoping to come home with minimal mosquito bites, and with lots of good memories.

New month= new playlist. Here is my September 2016 playlist. Safe and fun Labor Day weekend!


My B-day was on Sunday. We took a little trip upstate to check out the leaves. It was still a little on the early side for colorful foliage. Next weekend will probably be closer to peak. We did a little hike near Cold Spring and encountered some pretty good light in the process.

Giving me the stink-eye