December 2022 Playlist

This was meant to be my 2022 “wrapped” playlist. But every time I tried to embed it, it was showing up as some other random playlist with songs I don’t even listen to. It also seems like it doesn’t load at all if I’m not signed into Spotify. So maybe it is not public? Anyway, I made this one using the top 35 songs from that list. So, here we go. See you next year!

August 2022 Playlist

August always seems to be the month where I try very hard to balance maximizing the remaining days of summer, while mentally preparing myself for the impending colder months. Marathon training starts. Daylight starts getting noticeably shorter. College football is around the corner. Some pseudo-poetic bullshit and yadda yadda yadda. Anyway, here are some jams to wind down summer-

Speaking of marathon training, here is a bonus playlist of running jams that I have been working on since the spring–