2022 Recap in Jake’s iPhone Photos

2022 was another super weird year. This time last year, I felt like 2022 was going to be the one where we would finally regain some post-pandemic “normalcy.” Welp, that kind of went out the window in February when all of the Ukraine stuff started. It seems like things just spiraled into bizzaro world from there. I can’t really complain from a personal perspective, other than about the anxiety caused from uncertainty of macro issues beyond my control. Overall, I consider myself very fortunate to have had another year of meaningful experiences and personal growth. Met some very cool people and spent time with people I love.

Here we are in 2023. Not sure how to feel about it, other than to try to be positive. Making these little vids is a fun way for me to remember the experiences that I had in the prior year, including taking note of elements that I feel were lacking. I’ll take a break from pontificating now. Here is my nerdy little 2022 recap. It is ~9000 frames at about 1/4th of a second, per. Here is a link to some of the vids from prior years.

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