Winter 3500s Cont’d

B, Improving on Her Reaction to “Babe, Let Me Get a Snap” While She is Navigating Some Difficult Terrain.

Why hit a single summit on your hike when you can do three?!?!? For President’s Day 2023, B led me on a hiking trifecta. We started at a trailhead in Big Hollow, near Windham, then summited Black Head, Black Dome, and Thomas Cole in a single afternoon. The initial ascent brought us to the saddle between Black Head and Black Dome (Thomas Cole was on the far side of Black Dome from there). We chose to climb Black Head first, then backtracked to hit the other two peaks. All three of these peaks can actually be seen from the lookout at Windham High Peak, which we had done the week prior.

The trail had mixed conditions. There were sections of dry, snow, mud, and ice. This was annoying because we had to stop several times to put on and remove crampons. Overall, it was a great hike. Here are some additional photos–

The Lookout from Black Dome


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