First Real Ride of the Season!

Motorcycle season can be relatively short in the Catskills. There are some folks who are much more hardcore than I who have been riding since early April. We sneaked in one lap around the Pepacton in late April on an unseasonably warm evening. But it was quick, with no real stops and we both got pretty cold. For Britt and I, the first week of May was the first instance this spring when the weather was finally warm and dry enough to suit up and roll out for a “real” ride. We took a route through Andes, Bovina and Stamford. We stopped for lunch at Stamford Coffee, which was excellent. We took Rt. 25 back to the junction with Rt. 30, then headed back south through Roxbury. It was Mother’s Day weekend, so the traffic was a little heavier than usual in the Catskills. But it was still pretty open roads. We had an amazing time. It felt really great to be back in the saddle. Here are a few snaps from the ride. I had my Fuji X100s slung cross body, and got a couple of shots from the saddle during the ride.

Gisele After Her First Wash of the Season

Couldn’t Get Enough of these Fields with Blooming Dandelions

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